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This year has flown so quickly and it’s almost summer time – The weather is warming up and the music scene is exploding – Thusly, due to all of the excitement, energy, and inspiration – I decided it was finally time that I remix one of my favorite vocal lines – Etta James’ “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”.

I was first introduced to the song through Pretty Lights’ “Finally Moving” and have been so enthralled to hear it surprise me in the middle of a Skrillex set as he dropped his remix of “Levels” by Avicii, and as I sit in the car, occasionally listening to the top 40 tracks, and boost up the volume as a dubstep line sneaks it’s way in to a feel good jam by Flo Rida. In honor of Etta James and my inspirations such as Pretty Lights, I’ve created this flip of “Finally Moving”, “Levels” and “Good Feeling” by the master Flo Rida.

I hope you guys are having an absolutely amazing 2012 – I’m so psyched to announce that I have a ton of new remixes and originals coming VERY soon, along with a secret project that is going to blow this whole thing to the next level.

Keep it glitching’


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